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 Student Mentoring

The Student Mentoring programme offers new students the opportunity to meet a trained, experienced and successful student. If you are a new student, meeting up with a student mentor can help to give you confidence in your own abilities and enable you to adjust quickly to university level study.​​

Student Mentoring Training

Are you interested in becoming a Student Mentor? Would you like to help new students when they start at university?  Would you like to enhance your cv?

In 2017/18 will you be in Year 2, 3 or 4 of your degree?

We are holding the following training days – book your place!

​Date ​Time ​Location
​Tuesday 14 March ​4.30pm - 7pm ​3/03, Craiglockhart
​Wednesday 15 March ​2.30pm - 5pm ​G9, Merchiston
​Monday 20 March ​4.30pm - 7pm ​G9, Merchiston

Please contact Mairi Taggart to register your interest in becoming a student mentor -


Become a Student Mentor


“It adds another dimension to my time at Edinburgh Napier which I find so
rewarding in many ways, but especially when you see a student’s confidence grow”

Will you be a matriculated student next academic session 2017/18?  Then you can improve your employability skills and add something valuable to your CV.  Become a student mentor!  
It’s an exciting way to get involved with the University community and make a real difference to another student’s experience of university.  
As a Student Mentor, you’ll be matched-up with a student – usually in their first year – and meet for regular discussion sessions. These might be weekly, monthly or even just as a boost before exam time. You’ll have the opportunity to pass on the help and advice you were given in your first year at university, as well as sharing the learning skills and study tips you’ve developed yourself.
You could offer a new student advice and guidance on academic writing and referencing and helping them to discover how the university works.  This would be for a maximum of one hour a week which usually tapers off over the trimester.
To participate in the Student Mentoring Programme, you need to attend training.

Working with a Student Mentor

“My mentor was a great help with all the issues I’ve been concerned about.
I feel a lot more confident about things now.”

Most students find their first year of studying at University quite challenging, because so much is new. A student mentor can offer friendly, informal support and advice to help you get to grips with life as a university student.
Our trained student mentors have already experienced university life, and are able to share their experiences with you. Your mentor can help you:
  • settle into university life
  • set study goals and priorities
  • tackle the process of writing and assignments
  • get ready for presentations and exams
All our mentors are trained students who have been studying with us for at least one year. They are people from a wide variety of age groups and backgrounds who understand the challenges you are facing when entering university from school, college or the workplace.
Working with your Student Mentor, you’ll gain confidence in your own abilities and adjust more quickly to university life.
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