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The ResLife team is here to support your time in student accommodation and beyond, with Resident Assistants providing out-of-hours assistance, advice and activities.

What is ResLife?

At Edinburgh Napier University, we are committed to improving the student experience through the provision of a comprehensive social calendar as well as access to support services, within and outwith the University itself.
While living with us at Edinburgh Napier, you will become part of a University community that encourages and supports our students in every aspect of their personal development. This is done through peer signposting and support as well as access to a dedicated team of full-time student welfare & advice professionals. The ResLife team will also continue to support students even after they have moved out of our accommodation and are on-hand to provide guidance and support throughout any student’s University career.
ResLife is here to ensure that all Edinburgh Napier students benefit from the University experience and have all the available resources on hand to help them succeed personally, socially and academically.
Out-of-hours cover is provided at each site by members of the ResLife team, who can handle emergencies including health issues, fire, security and general advice.
You can contact your on-duty Resident Assistant between 6pm and 11pm on:
​Site ​On-Call Resident Assistant
​Bainfield ​07500 975950
​Slateford Road ​07810 181873
​Orwell Terrace ​07736 194906
You can find out more about upcoming ResLife events on Facebook. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App