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  Workshop Attributes

The 15 Confident Futures workshops deal with the subject of behavioural change, providing a number of different models, theories and techniques to assist in the development of personal and professional skills, attributes and attitudes.

Research behind the workshops

​Confident Futures workshops are underpinned by well-researched behavioural models/theories, for example:

  • Building Resilience – Positive Psychology  (Seligman 2009)
  • Effective Communication – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Bandler & Grindler 1979)
  • Interacting with Others – Transactional Analysis (Berne 1964)
  • Knowing Yourself & Others – Colours Behavioural Model (DISC) (Marston 1928)
  • Making Feedback Work for You – Mindset (Dweck 2006)

Transactional Analysis
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Positive Psychology
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