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  Student Ambassadors

Applications to join our team of student ambassadors are now open.
We are looking for enthusiastic student ambassadors who can carry out a range of roles across the University, including open days, employer events, start of trimester activities (in September and January), international airport welcome,  graduation days, workshop assistance, data entry, blogging, social media, answering enquiries, telephone work and much more!

There are three types of student ambassadors: General Student Ambassadors, International Student Ambassadors and Widening Participation Student Ambassadors.  You can apply for any of the roles where you meet the eligibility criteria.  These roles will give you flexible and valuable work experience to complement your studies.

Many jobs are paid at an hourly rate of £9.19 per hour, plus holiday pay.  International student ambassadors receive a £500 fee-reduction scholarship, which covers many of the activities, with some additional opportunities for hourly paid work.

There are many benefits to being a Student Ambassador including:

  • The opportunity to meet and make friends with other students and the public
  • Feeling a part of the University and what it has to offer
  • Sharing positive experiences with others
  • Getting to know and networking with staff in other parts of the University
  • Developing your soft skills which will prove to be valuable CV work experience
General Student Ambassador Scheme
International Student Ambassador Scheme
Widening Participation Student Ambassadors
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