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  Erasmus+ Traineeships

Erasmus+ Traineeship grant

The aim of the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme is for participants to:

  • acquire specific competences that are required by the labour market
  • obtain work experience
  • improve their understanding of the economic and social culture of the host country

What sort of work placement do I need to find?

  • between 2 and 12 months’ duration
  • in an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey or Croatia (but not in the UK or your country of origin)
  • full time
  • relevant to your degree programme
  • with learning outcomes plus monitoring and evaluation plan agreed with the employer and the university before starting the placement

Am I eligible for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant?

  • current students from any year from Bachelors to Masters level, doing the placement as an integral part of their degree or on a voluntary basis (e.g. summer placement). Priority may be given to applications from undergraduates.  Due to reduced funding we are no longer able to offer grants for recent graduate placements.

How much is the Erasmus+ traineeship grant?

The Erasmus+ grant is €380 or €430 per month depending on the country you are going to, and regardless of whether or not the placement is paid. Additional funding may be available to support students with disabilities or special needs.
Please note: Due to a reduced budget in 2017/18, we are able to offer funding for a maximum of 5 months.
This European Commission funding is not intended to cover essential living costs, but can help you explore the country and experience more fully what it has to offer.
Participants may also be eligible for a free online language training course to help them prepare for life abroad.
*Please note that Erasmus+ funding has been confirmed for activity in 2018/19. Following the Brexit vote, however, it is currently unclear whether this will continue in 2019/20 and beyond.

How do I apply for Erasmus+ funding?

You will need to source your own placement. A good place to start is the following websites:
The Placement Coordinator for your School may also be able to advise you.
If your traineeship will be an integral part of your studies, it is essential that you also discuss the potential placement with relevant academic staff, e.g. your Programme Leader or Work Based Learning tutor, to ensure that it will meet required learning outcomes. A relevant academic member of staff is required to approve a Learning Agreement as part of the grant application process.
Once you have identified a suitable placement, speak to the Placements Office again. They will go through an initial application / checklist with you, and if the placement looks to be suitable they will nominate you to the Global Mobility Team for Erasmus+ funding.
If your placement is not an integral part of your studies (e.g. a summer internship), you should just contact the Global Mobility Team directly once you have secured a placement.

What happens next?

The Global Mobility Team will then assess your application and your eligibility further. Applications are currently accepted on a rolling basis, so within 10 days you should normally hear if you have been selected for funding, or whether anything needs to be clarified about your application.
If you are successful, you will be sent an Erasmus+ traineeship pack for completion, together with guidelines. Please note that there are strict guidelines on timescales for completing this documentation. Funding is limited, and priority for the grant may be given to those completing a compulsory placement as part of their degree.


Applicants who are not doing the placement as an integral part of their degree should be aware that they will need to source and purchase their own insurance for the workplace if this is not provided by the employer.

Questions about Erasmus+ funding/eligibility?

Please contact the Global Mobility Team at

Questions about placements?

Please contact the relevant Placements Office:
School of Arts & Creative Industries
School of Computing
School of Engineering & the Built Environment
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