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  Access and Passwords

The Library strongly recommends using LibrarySearch to locate databases, ejournals and ejournal articles.
​This is because:
  •      LibrarySearch only contains good quality academic resources suitable for your studies
  •     The links in LibrarySearch have been specially set up to allow easier access to eresources
  •      LibrarySearch contains detailed information about how to log into each eresource     

Logging into LibrarySearch

On campus: Log into LibrarySearch to request books, view your Library account, and save searches using My Account.
Off campus: Always log in to LibrarySearch for full access to search results.
To log in, click on Not signed in > Sign In > University Member. Enter your University login.

 Information about how to log into individual eresources can be found:

  •      In the LibrarySearch Databases list, at the end of the database description
  •      By clicking the title of a resource in LibrarySearch search results

On-campus access to electronic databases, journals and books

  • Most resources don’t require a login on campus
  • Some require you to log in with your matriculation number and password
  • If a non-standard password is needed, there will be a link to the Database and E-Journals Passwords page​ (login required) when you click the title of a resource in LibrarySearch.

Off-campus access to electronic databases, journals and books

The library’s proxy server makes it easy to access library eresources off campus.
  • If you start your search in LibrarySearch, the Edinburgh Napier login box will appear (unless you are already logged in) when you access a resource.
  • All you’ll need to do then is enter your University login (the same login you use to log into a university computer or your email)
  • You’ll only need to do this for the first eresource in a search session.
  • Some more specialist databases will still need a non-standard password. If a non-standard password is needed, see the Database and E-Journals Passwords page (login required).
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