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 Can't find the book you want?

​If you can’t find the book you want, here are our top tips for what to do next. 

If you get stuck, contact us​. We want to make sure that the books you need are available in our libraries.


All the copies are out on loan

  • Check LibrarySearch to see if there is an ebook available.
  • If it’s hardcopy only, place a request. We’ll email you when it’s available. If it’s at another campus, we’ll deliver it to your campus.
  • Could you use a similar book? Try the Similar Items link to see other books in the same subject area, a new keyword search or check the shelf where the book should be.

The book I want isn’t on LibrarySearch


Recommend a book for purchase

  • Send the details of the book to your subject librarian and they will consider whether to buy it.
  • Email your librarian​ with as many of the details below as possible.
    • Module/programme.
    • Title.
    • Author or editor. 
    • Year/edition.
    • ISBN/ISSN (if known).
    • Is it a reading list item?
    • Tell us why you need it. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App