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Information about matters relating to student conduct and discipline.

​This site provides you with access to the core regulations that apply to students during their time at the University and contact details for further information. Here you will find information and links relating to matters such as student conduct and discipline including harassment, students’ responsibilities relating to data protection, copyright, freedom of speech, and use of the facilities provided by the University (such as IT Facilities and library areas).

The University expects students to conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner at all times. These values are fundamental to the functioning of an academic community and the University will take appropriate action where a proven breach of its regulations has occurred.

Specific regulations apply to student conduct where Fitness to Practise applies.

The University’s regulations relating to student conduct and discipline can be found on the Regulations​ page in the Student Conduct & Fitness to Practise regulations document.

At Edinburgh Napier University we expect all students show respect for, and courtesy to, each other, staff and the wider University Community at all times. Campus and Classroom Code of Conduct clarifies behaviours falling outside the acceptable standard.

If you are having any difficulties reading this page you can access a screen readable PDF version here.

Reporting an incident

​If you have cause for concern regarding the actions or behaviour of an Edinburgh Napier student you should report it, at your earliest convenience, to the Appeals, Complaints, and Conduct Manager on 0131 455 2396 or

Regulations guidance
Disciplinary regulations
Fitness to practise regulations
Referral to Conduct Committees
Bullying and harrassment

​Contact Us

Below is a list of people you can contact regarding student conduct issues.
To report an incident or suspected breach of regulations:
Security (in Emergency)
0131 455 4444
Accommodation Services
0131 455 3713
If you are subject to Student Disciplinary proceedings or University Academic Conduct Committee proceedings:
0131 455 2396
To report bullying or harassment (Student related): 
0131 455 2396
To report bullying or harassment against a member of staff: 
Human Resources
0131 455 3362 | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App