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  Access Bursary

The Access Bursary for students from England Wales and Northern Ireland was introduced to help support students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are from low income families who have a Residual Household Income (RHI) of less than £42,601 and started their programme of study here at Edinburgh Napier University in or after September 2012 and have been assessed as having to pay the full rest of UK level of fees.

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Applications Open.

The application process to the Access Bursary is now open.   To apply please complete the application form​.

Value of bursary

​Higher level - £2,000 per academic year

Lower level - £1,000 per academic year

Award paid for one year. You must apply each year.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to receive this bursary you must:

  • Be a matriculated student of Edinburgh Napier University registered on a full-time undergraduate course and have been assessed by the University as being due to pay full Rest of UK (RUK) level of fees.
  • Have commenced your first year of study at Edinburgh Napier University in 2012/13 academic year or later.
  • Not be repeating a year of study for any reason
  • Have been assessed by an awarding body (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) as detailed below:


​Residual Household Income Award​​
£25,000 and under ​ ​£2000
​£25,001 - £42,600​ ​£1000


​How is my Residual Household Income (RHI) defined?
How do I apply?

​​Application status

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