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  ID Cards

All you need to know about your ID card.
Your student ID card provides you with photographic proof of your identity as a current, matriculated student at Edinburgh Napier University. The card shows your unique Edinburgh Napier number, your photo and your library barcode.  
If you are a  new student,  as part of the matriculation process online you will be told how you can get your new student ID card. You will do this by uploading a photo of yourself (full instructions are provided) and confirming that we hold your up to date term time address. Your card will then be posted out to you once you are a current, fully matriculated student.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your image is in the correct format. 

Example of a correct image on an ID Card:


Image requirements


The image should:

  • Be a recent colour photo
  • Be of you alone (no other people or pets in photo)
  • Show you facing forwards
  • Show your full face
  • Be in jpg format


Please be aware of the following restrictions:

  • Should not wear a hat or cover your head unless for religious or medical reasons
  • You should not wear sunglasses
  • Do not submit a photo where you are in the distance or there are other people visible
  • Do not submit an image of someone else.
  • Do not submit inappropriate images​


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