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Campus Services Help and Enquiries

Do you need Campus Services help?


What are the University Campus Opening Hours?

Refer to our opening hours​ page

Who do I contact in an Emergency?

Contact Security Control by telephone on 0131 455 6119 or 0131 455 4444

How can I get information on accessible alternative routes?

Please refer to the following documents:

How do I report Student Accommodation faults or repairs?

Monday to Friday, 8.45am-5.00pm

Telephone: 0131 455 5000


Outwith these hours, please contact Security Control on 0131 455 6119.

How do I get details and pricing for Print Services?

Refer to our printing​ page.


What are the Catering opening hours and menus?

Refer to our food​ page

How do I apply for Student Accommodation?

Refer to our accommodation​ page

Where do I get IT Support?

Refer to the IT​ pages.


How can I get information on Library Services?

Refer to the library​ pages. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App