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 Career Mentoring

Our Career Mentoring Programme offers Scottish-domiciled 3rd and 4th year students the chance to be matched with an industry mentor. Mentoring is a strategy used in many organisations to help less experienced individuals benefit from the support and guidance of a more experienced person. Mentors also offer you support and advice to help you as you move towards the graduate job you want after graduation.​

You have the potential to get advice on things like CVs and applications, recruitment processes and interview techniques. In addition, mentoring gives you the opportunity to build your confidence, increase your business awareness and grow your network. ​

What’s in it for you?

The potential benefits of taking part are the opportunity to:
  • Gain an insight into what industry is looking for in its employees

  • Make industry contacts

  • Improve your CV

  • Know how to discuss your employability skills

  • Gain a better understanding of the job roles you’re considering

  • Get support to help with your career thinking

  • Consider how to make a successful start in the graduate workplace 

  • Identify your strengths and development needs

What’s the commitment? 

All participating students must commit to:
  • Setting up a profile on our online mentoring platform

  • Contributing regular feedback

  • Keeping in contact with the Career Mentoring Co-ordinator 

  • Organising and attending at least 4 meetings with your mentor before Easter  

What will you do with your mentor?

At your first meeting with your mentor you will decide together how best to use the time you spend together. It’s a flexible plan so easy to review and revise as your sessions progress.

What have other students said about mentoring?

“I will be able to use the skills that I have learned in any interview situation which is great!” 

“It is a fantastic programme to give students a proper insight into life after uni.” 

“I feel more confident in myself and my ability to secure employment after university.” 

“My mentor was great. A real inspiration”


If you are in third or fourth year at Edinburgh Napier University and have lived in Scotland for at least three years before starting Higher Education then it’s definitely worth finding out if you can join the programme. Our application form will guide you through the eligibility questions in more detail.

Starting 3rd year and not sure whether to apply now?

Do consider carefully whether you want to be matched with a mentor in 3rd or 4th year as you can only take part for one year. If you’re not sure then apply in 3rd year and come along to induction. You can then get more info and make a more educated decision. We will be happy to defer your application if you decide to wait.

Not eligible just now?

If you find you’re not eligible but would like to take part then please email to be added to the waitlist. If there are mentors still available after eligible students are matched then we will contact you. This matching process takes until the end of October so please bear with us.

How do you apply?

After a number of Career Mentoring Information sessions were delivered in September & early October 2017,
the programme is now operating a waitlist. If you would like to be added to the waitlist then please email with information about your year, course and the kind of job areas you’re thinking
of moving into after graduation. It may be that there will be a suitable mentor available for you after the current
group of participants are matched. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App