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Protect Your Password


You use your University password to log in to the University network and online services. 

When you started at the University you will have set your University password.  You should also have registered for the Password Manager.

In order to protect your work and email:

  • Keep your password secret – don’t give it to anyone else
  • Don’t write your password down
  • Don’t let anyone else use your account
  • Always remember to log out at the end of a session.  
You can change your password at any time.  If you think someone else knows your password then change it immediately!
Password ImagePlease note: you have 15 attempts to enter a correct password when accessing the University network or any of the University's online services.  If you enter an incorrect password 15 times you'll be locked out of the system for 30 minutes.  If this occurs you can contact the IS Service Desk for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about your password or the password manager?
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