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Make adventure a part of your degree! Study abroad as part of your course and make sure that your CV will really stand out once you start applying for jobs.

As an Edinburgh Napier University student you can study either in Europe, through the Erasmus+ exchange programme, or overseas at one of our partner institutions in Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand or the USA.​​​​​​​​​​​​


Our international exchange programmes are currently available to full-time, undergraduate students. Once accepted to the programme you can spend either a trimester or a full year studying abroad. The marks you’ll receive will be transferred into Edinburgh Napier University credit and count towards your final degree. This means that no extra time will be added to your planned time at the University. 

Edinburgh Napier University students typically study abroad in the second or third year of their course. The time when you can go on exchange will depend on your school for example; certain schools only allow exchanges to take place in the second year. Your programme structure may also determine when it’s best for you to study abroad.

​Why do it?​

  • See the world - studying abroad combines the best part of taking a gap year with the security of progressing towards achieving a recognised academic qualification.
  • Experience a new culture - going on an exchange is completely different to going on a holiday abroad. By spending at least three months away from home you will immerse yourself in another culture and see it from another perspective.
  • Enhance your CV - not only will another higher education institution be added to your CV but also your portfolio of interview responses to competency-based questions will expand.
  • Meet new friends - when studying abroad your network of friends will dramatically expand. You’ll get to know plenty of local and international students who may prove helpful in your future career.
  • Add an international dimension to your degree - you will be amazed how the same subject can be taught differently in another country. Immersing yourself in a different social and cultural context will enrich your viewpoint and inspire you to think outside the box.

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