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  Consumer Disclosure Information

Information and policies to help you as a consumer.

Tuition Fee Policy

All information relating to tuition fee policies and sanctions can be found at the links below:

Admissions Policies and Procedures

The link below provides an overview of Edinburgh Napier University admissions policies.  The following policies can be found at this link 

  • Admissions Policy
  • Admissions Policy for Applicants with Declared Criminal Convictions
  • Admissions Policy for Applicants with Declared Disabilities
  • Admissions Policy for Care Leavers
  • Admissions Policy for Feedback, Appeals and Complaints
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Contextual Admissions Policy
  • Curriculum for Excellence
  • Data Protection

Student Loan Default Management Plan

The University uses the Education Department’s loan default management plan​.

Completion/Graduation and Transfer Out Rates

Information on the University’s completion and transfer-out rates is available from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The University is unable to supply a breakdown of completion or transfer-out rates by gender, ethnicity or recipients of need-based subsidised loans, as this may reveal personally identifiable information about an individual student, which would break the Data Protection Act.

For the latest rates please refer to the links below. In tables where information is available at an institutional level you will find data for Edinburgh Napier University in the Total Scotland section.

Completion/Graduation and Transfer Out Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student Aid

There are no scholarships linked to athletic sports and therefore the University is unable to disclose data about the recipients’ ethnicities, gender, transfer-out rate or completion rate.

Fire Safety Policies and Statistics

Please refer to the University’s Health and Safety Department information below:

Textbook Information

Information about any required and recommended textbooks for your course will be provided to you by your department. Should you require specific information about textbooks, please contact the relevant School Office for advice.

You may also wish to consult with the our Libraries.

Health & Insurance

For information on health and insurance matters, including vaccinations, please read our health page.

Services and Facilities for Students with Disabilities

Edinburgh Napier University welcomes people with disabilities, long term health conditions and specific learning difficulties and is committed to providing students with positive support in all aspects of University life. More information is available from our Disability & Inclusion Team.


Further information on the University’s current equality and diversity aims and related documents, can be found at the following link: Equality & Diversity Statements and documents.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Drug-related offenses will be subject to a non-academic misconduct investigation as outlined in our Student Conduct Regulations. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App