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The best place to search for ebooks is LibrarySearch. If you need to log in, you'll be prompted to do so. You can search: 
  • By title, e.g. Tourism ethics
  • By keyword, e.g. ebooks tourism. Including ebooks in your search means you should only get online books.
The Library currently has ebooks from eighteen suppliers. As ebook functionality is not standardised, this varies considerably across the different platforms. It'll be clear which platform you're using once you link to the ebook. For tips on using each of them, download the complete guide or click on the individual supplier or video below. 
For more help with ebook access, please email

Ebook FAQs

What's the difference between reading online and downloading?

Reading online involves reading directly from the ebook website and requries an Internet connection. Downloading means saving an ebook to a device, such as a pc, laptop, smartphone or ebook reader. An Internet connection is not needed to read the title once downloaded. Please note that some of the Library's ebook suppliers do not allow ebooks to be downloaded, and that some others require software or apps to be downloaded. In some cases, this means that ebooks cannot be dowloaded to University pcs. For more details, please click on the relevant suppliers above.

Can I download one of the Library's ebooks to my Kindle or to another ebook reader? 

Ebooks which can be downloaded as PDFs can usually be saved to a pc/laptop and then transferred to a Kindle via USB. When opened on a tablet, the PDFs can usually be opened in the Kindle app. Unfortunately, downloading some suppliers' ebooks to ebook readers is not possible for either technical or copyright reasons.

Can I read the Library's ebooks on my mobile/smartphone? 

This is dependent on the ebook supplier. Some don't have dedicated mobile sites so usability varies. For more details, please refer to the relevant supplier's guide above​

How do I cite an ebook? 

Please refer to your School's referencing guidelines​.

Can I export references to EndNote or EndNote Online? 

Please refer to the relevant supplier's guide above.

How much can I print from an ebook? Is double-sided printing possible? 

The number of pages which can be printed varies according to the ebook supplier. For more details, please refer to the relevant supplier's guide above.​ Double-sided printing is possible.
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