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  Finding Ejournals and Newspapers

Edinburgh Napier Libraries subscribe to a wide range of journals, most available online in databases.
How you find them depends on your subject area and how in-depth you want the information to be.

Or read on to find out more about journals.


What are journals?  

  • An academic journal is a publication that appears at intervals throughout the year.
  • An issue of a journal will usually contain articles by more than one author.
  • The words periodicals and serials are also often used to mean journals. They include magazines, which are generally produced by commercial publishers, and some are aimed at a particular trade or industry.

Why are journals important? 

  • They can focus in on very specific topics because articles are generally shorter than books,
  • Articles are published relatively quickly.
  • Ideal for presenting new ideas, or promoting new products.
  • Books tend to be written about more established, broader subjects, with a safe market.
The best academic journals are refereed, which means they have an editorial board of experts who select the material that is accepted for publication, and so guarantee high quality. These are also known as peer-reviewed journals. Publication in refereed journals is very important for academics seeking funding for research. ​​
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