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  Exam Guidelines

There are three main examinations diets during each Academic Year and a further re-assessment diet in July. Exam timetables are published six weeks before each diet and we will run a professional examinations service to give you the opportunity to progress with your studies.​

Examination time can be busy and pressurised. These pages explain the logistics and guidance you will need to sit your exams, making at least one part of the process easy. We ask that you adhere to some straightforward instructions​. Further instructions will be given by our invigilators on the day of your examination. All Edinburgh Napier University examinations are run in conjunction with the University Regulations which will be enforced by our trained invigilators who will oversee your examination.

Most exams are held in weeks 14 and 15 of Trimester 1 and Trimester 2. Exams are timetabled Monday to Saturday and include evening sessions. Students may sit exams away from their home campus. You may also sit exams during Trimester 3.

The examination timetable is published online and on campus notice boards 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the examination period for Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 and 4 weeks prior to the Reassessment examination period.

The notice boards are located at Merchiston, the corridor behind the iPoint at Craiglockhart and between LRC1 and the iPoint at Sighthill. Check the time, date and location of your examinations on a regular basis. It’s your responsibility to do this, don’t waste a year’s hard work by missing the exam! 


​Exam diet ​Exam weeks
​Trimester 1 ​10/12/2018 – 22/12/2018 
​​Trimester 2 ​29/04/2019 – 11/05/2019 
​Resits ​25/07/2019 – 07/08/2019 
​​Trimester 3 19/08/2019 – 30/08/2019 ​


On the day of your exam

If you have exams at Craiglockhart, Merchiston or Sighthill you will find the room numbers for your exams posted in the appropriate campus iPoint. Room numbers are posted two hours prior to your exam.

Exam Adjustments

If you have additional exam arrangements it is essential that you report to the staff based at the iPoint at either Merchiston, Sighthill or Craiglockhart Campus depending on where your exam is due to take place, approximately 30 minutes before your exam. The staff will be able to advise you of the room you have been allocated, please note you will not always be allocated the same room.

Exam clash

If you have examinations which clash (this means exams starting at the same time and date), please download, complete and return the Exam Clash form​​​ to

Timetable problems

If your exam does not appear on the timetable, or you have another query regarding the scheduling of your exam(s) please contact Student Administration on  0131 455 6500 or email

Reassessment examinations

Students who are required to undertake reassessment examinations (sometimes referred to as resit examinations) should continue to check the web pages for details of the Reassessment examination timetable which is likely to be published in July. There are no charges for reassessment examinations and you do not need to apply to sit these exams.  The University will be aware of your requirement to undertake a reassessment exam. If any student believes there may be an earlier opportunity to undertake a reassessment for their particular course then please contact the relevant School Office.

​If you are on a distance learning programme or taking part in a work placement, you can apply to sit your exams off-campus ALL other students are expected to attend on Campus to undertake their reassessment examinations on the date and time outlined on the reassessment examination timetable

During your exam

The invigilator will inform you of the start and end time of the exam. If there is reading time you will not be permitted to make notes or answer the questions in your script book(s) during this period. Once the exam has started, you may not leave the exam room until a period of 1 hour has elapsed from the start of the exam. You are not allowed to leave the room in the last 15 minutes of the exam. No unauthorised material may be brought into the examination room. Communication between candidates or any other irregular practice is not allowed. Sharing of any material is prohibited.

Calculators & dictionaries

In some instances calculators and dictionaries may be allowed during the exam. You should discuss this with your Examiner. Programmable calculators are only allowed in appropriate examinations, provided the memory facility has been cleared and the Examiner has approved the use of programmable calculators. Mobile phones must not be used as calculators.

At the end of your exam

The invigilator will read a closing announcement to formally close the exam. At the end of the exam remain in your seat until the invigilator has collected your script book(s) from you. Script book(s) will be anonymously marked. Please ensure your matriculation number appears on each script book and any additional materials which should be handed in. Script book(s) are the property of Edinburgh Napier University and must not be removed from the examination room.

Fit to Sit - Extenuating circumstances

You can submit extenuating circumstances if illness or personal circumstances adversely affected your performance in an assessment or for a significant period of time in a Trimester.

Details of extenuating circumstances may be submitted at any time during the academic year; however the deadline for submission is no later than five working days after the end of the exam period. The Extenuating Circumstances Board will then make a decision on whether or not the circumstances you submitted could have materially affected your performance.

For further information on how to submit extenuating circumstances please visit Extenuating circumstances page.

External ​exams​

If you are on a distance learning programme or taking part in a work placement, you can apply to sit your exams
off-campus. To do this you will need to complete and return the external exam form​​​​​​​​​. Please ensure that you read the attached guidance notes carefully before returning your form. If you have a query about sitting your exams outwith the University, please email​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App