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  11. Resolving Problems

While we try to act in the best possible way all the time, things will occasionally go wrong. The best way is to solve problems as quickly and informally as possible, with only the people involved. We expect you to explore and try all the informal options available to you before going to the next step of the complaints procedure.

You can expect us to:

  • Provide easy access to information as to how to address your problem, and who best to contact;
  • Provide advice on how University procedures work;
  • Treat any complaints seriously, fairly and confidentially, and give you the right to appeal;
  • Ensure you will not be discriminated against and that your academic progression will be unaffected if you make a complaint;
  • Support and encourage you to seek help through Edinburgh Napier Students' Association's ENSA Advice by calling 0131 229 8791 or email if you use our formal procedures.

We expect you to:

  • Speak to the person who is causing the problem and give them the chance to put things right;
  • Inform us as soon as possible and ask for help if a problem may be developing;
  • Try to solve problems as informally and as quickly as possible with those involved before resorting to formal procedures.
If you believe that you have followed up all the informal options and now want to find out about the formal procedures for solving a problem or complaint​, you should contact the Appeals, Complaints & Conduct Officer on 0131 455 2396.​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App