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  10. Student Representation

Edinburgh Napier Students' Association (ENSA) exists to represent the needs and wishes of Edinburgh Napier students, to promote their general welfare and provide them with services. All Edinburgh Napier students, full- and part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate, are automatically members of ENSA.

This section of Edinburgh Napier University's Student Charter is advisory only on Edinburgh Napier Students' Association (ENSA) and its members.

You can expect Edinburgh Napier Students Association to provide:

  • Assistance and encouragement to get involved in University and ENSA decision making;
  • Training, information, and advice to your programme and committee representatives and to all elected officers including club and society officers to ensure their effectiveness.

Edinburgh Napier Students Association can expect you to:

  • Participate in the election of your programme rep and use their representation to express your opinions;
  • Take part in decision-making at University and ENSA level;
  • Give feedback on the effectiveness of the ENSA and the programme rep system in representing students
  • If you are a rep:
    • Represent your colleagues and attend Student Staff Liaison  Committees and other meetings as appropriate;
    • Listen to and represent the opinions of your colleagues;
    • Attend available training events to keep yourself informed of current information and briefings;
    • Attend training events and keep yourself up to date with information  and briefing as required;
    • Direct students towards the appropriate help if you are asked (see ENSA Advice​).​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App