FAQ's for 2020 graduation ceremonies.
1.0 Will the University be holding graduation ceremonies?
1.1 Do I still have to apply if I wish to graduate?
1.2 How will I know when to apply to graduate in absentia?
1.3 Will it cost me anything to graduate in absentia?
1.4 What is the deadline to apply to graduate in absentia?
1.5 Why do I need to apply to graduate in absentia?
1.6 How can I prove to employers that I’ve been awarded a qualification from the University if there is a delay on parchments being sent?
1.7 Can I attend a graduation ceremony at a later date?
1.8 I am a third year student and I want to exit my course and not continue to Honours.
1.9 Do I have to make any contact with the gown hire company, Ede & Ravenscroft, for the graduation ceremonies?