Academic matters Covid-19 FAQs


Will Trimester 1 exams be online?

Yes, exams throughout Trimester 1 will be conducted online using Moodle. The time allowed for online exams will remain double the usual duration (e.g. a three-hour on-campus exam will be open for six hours online).

This is in line with other universities.

Please note that some of our programmes are subject to accreditation by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies and in some instances the time allowed may differ from this standard position.

Please ensure you read exam instructions carefully and if in doubt contact your module leader.

For more details on exams, please visit the Exams page.

Will I be able to start or return to study my course in September 2021?

Yes. Our academic year will begin on Monday 6 September. We will be offering as much face-to-face on-campus teaching in Trimester 1 as possible, and we expect students to arrive in Edinburgh to engage with their studies from Monday 6 September. If you are travelling from overseas and are required to quarantine or self-isolate, you will need to ensure that you arrive in the UK with enough time to quarantine or self-isolate before Monday 6 September.

While we are looking forward to seeing more students on-campus this year, there will still be some protections in place. Our campuses will start to look more like they used to, but there will be some limitations to the numbers we can accommodate in classes at any one time. We expect that all students will experience a mixture of online and in-person learning. For example, we plan to deliver lectures for more than 50 students online, whereas smaller group and practical work is mainly planned to be on campus. As is the case in all academic years, the quantity and frequency of on-campus activities will vary by subject, programme and year group.

In addition to increased face-to-face learning, our libraries, gym, and catering on campus will be open. More social events will be possible at our campuses in line with recent advice from the Scottish

Government, which follows the successful vaccine rollout in the UK. Your health, safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. We are in regular contact with Health Protection Scotland and will continue to follow and act in accordance with their advice. This page will be updated regularly as and when advice changes.

When will I be able to access my timetable?

New students will be able to access the module timetable once they have successfully completed the matriculation process, which starts on Monday 16 August. Individual student timetables will start to become available for all students from Monday 30 August, with the exact date of availability dependent upon matriculation, module choice (where necessary) and completion of module enrolment.