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 Exams Timetable

Examinations will take place from Monday 23 April to Saturday 5 May 2018.

As examinations may be scheduled at any time during this exam period, it is your responsibility to be available throughout the exam diet.

All students should expect to have examinations on following days. Whilst every effort is made to spread exams, the large number of module combinations in some subjects means that students may have two exams on consecutive days. However, you will not be required to sit more than one exam on any one day.
Please contact if:
  • your examinations clash (this means your module exams are timetabled to start at the same time on the same day)
  • you are scheduled to have two exams on the same day
  • your exam does not appear on the timetable
Only students who have been officially assessed by Disability & Inclusion will be eligible for additional exam arrangements during the examination period. If you think that you may require additional exam assistance see the Exam Adjustments​ page for how to apply.

Please note, the examination timetable will be published on Friday 9 March 2018 by 5pm. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App