Everything you need to know about exams and assessments at Edinburgh Napier University, from timetables and support to understanding your results.
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Your Exam Timetable

All you need to know about your exam timetable, including when your exams are scheduled and what to do if you notice any issues with your timetable.

Find out how to access your exam timetable

Guidance on sitting your exams

We know things can be stressful when you're getting ready for exams and assessments, so we've put together a helpful video guide to get you through.

Learn more about:

  • How to view the Exam Timetable on My Napier
  • How to check you have access to the Exam Server if you're sitting exams online
  • What to do if you're coming into campus for exams
  • What to do if a serious issue affects your exam performance or causes you to miss an exam
Guidance on sitting your exams

If you've got exams coming up, we want you to feel confident, so let's go through a few key steps to help you prepare.

The first thing you should do is check your exam timetable on My Napier. This will tell you the day and time your exams are taking place and whether they're on campus or online. Occasionally, assessments may need to be rescheduled, so please check regularly for any changes.

If you're sitting exams online, it is important that you log in beforehand and check that you can access the exam server for the correct exams. Access to the contents of the exam paper will be restricted and you will only be able to access the full exam paper at the times and dates noted on the exam timetable.

Remember you must submit before the end of your allocated time, so make sure to leave time at the end for submitting your paper.

For exams taking place on campus, you'll go to your allocated room and write answers in a script book provided to you.

Additional support is available for students who have an agreed learning profile in place with Disability Inclusion.

Make sure you leave plenty of time for traveling to campus before your exam starts.

Everything you need to know about how exams work can be found at my.napier.ac.uk/exams

Please do not wait until you have your assessment results to tell us about something that has impacted you, as it will be too late by then. Tell us as soon as possible to apply for an extension, deferral or extenuating circumstances due to personal or health issues. Find out more at my.napier.ac.uk/fit-to-sit

Best of luck in your assessments - you've got this!


Issues affecting your exams? Let us know.

If you have an issue that might impact your assessments, you need to tell us on time. If you don’t, this will likely prevent you from being successful in using the arrangements in place to support your studies, such as extensions, deferrals or extenuating circumstances.

Please do not wait until you have your assessment results to tell us about something that has impacted you, as it will be too late by then.

Find out what to do if an issue is affecting your performance
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