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  Private Sector

If you are not eligible for student accommodation, have missed our guarantee date or would just rather live in the private sector, here is some useful information getting you started on your search.
The Student Accommodation department runs a Private Accommodation Support Service for new students looking for accommodation in the private sector.
This service operates throughout the year and also hosts a number of drop-in workshops to assist students in finding appropriate and safe accommodation.
This provision will offer internet, phone & printing access, as well as staff assistance and as much information as possible to help students secure accommodation easily and quickly. 

For more information please email us at​ or call us on 0131 455 3484/3481

​Our private sector brochure​​​ contains lots of useful information on looking for accommodation in Edinburgh.

A few things to note when searching for a private flat:

  • Make sure your landlord is accredited or go through a reputable estate agent
  • Get a receipt for all money you pay and make sure your deposit is put into a Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • You will need to view a property before moving in so arrange temporary accommodation if you are new to Edinburgh and need time to find somewhere to live.  Remember Edinburgh hosts the Fringe Festival in August so hotels, Hostels and B&Bs book up fast and can be quite expensive so plan ahead.
  • Be careful looking on sites such as Gumtree, properties that don't exist can be advertised and students have been caught out and lost considerable sums of money to rouge landlords.
  • While there are plenty of private rentals in Edinburgh, they are not all located next to our campuses so you may need to compromise on location - make sure you research travel plans to get to class.  Check out local bus and train routes.

While there are lots of things to take into consideration when renting a private flat, if you do your research and read the small print, you will be fine.

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