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 During Your Tenancy


If anything breaks or gets damaged throughout your tenancy, you must report it to the Helpdesk. You can email them at or phone 0131 455 5000. Please give the helpdesk as much detail on the fault as possible, and if a repair isn't carried out within a week, contact them again for an update. Make sure you tell your flat mates when a fault has been reported so it isn't reported twice and everyone knows to expect a contractor to visit and repair.

Transfers and early termination

We don't offer transfers during the first 4 weeks of the tenancy.  After this, you can be transferred to another room if a suitable vacancy exists.  You will need to pay a £30 room transfer fee and complete some paperwork.  Speak to your Accommodation Officer if you wish to move to another room, their contact details are on the notice board in your kitchen. 

If you want to move out all together, this may be possible under the following circumstances:

  • Withdrawal from your studies i.e. you are no longer a student at the University
  • You find a suitable replacement tenant - we cannot transfer your tenancy to another student within the last 4 weeks of your tenancy as this does not give us time to give the new tenant a 28 day notice to quit period; this is a legal requirement.
  • Medical grounds supported by a letter from your GP. This will only be authorised at the discretion of the Head of Student Accommodation.
In all the cases above, a £50 early termination fee is payable.  Contact your Accommodation officer to discuss your options.


We carry out regular inspections of the properties to ensure they are in good repair and are being kept in an acceptable condition by the tenants.  You will be given at least 24 hours notice by email to your university account of these inspections.  If your flat is not of an acceptable standard, your Accommodation Officer will tell you what you need to do.

Fines and charges

If you cause damage to the property, breach the conditions of your tenancy or require an early termination or transfer, you will be charged in line with our schedule of charges.  You will receive a service charge and any unpaid fines/charges will show on your rent account as an arrear and your guarantor may be informed.


We have arranged some contents insurance for you with Endsleigh.  It is important for you to check this cover, so please follow the steps below to ensure you fully understand the protection provided:

  • Enter in your policy number HH1136 at to check your policy details
  • Check what is covered
  • Check key exclusions and limitations
  • Check your policy excess
  • Check how to make a claim
  • Extend and personalise your cover
​This cover has been arranged by the University at no extra cost to you however, please note that you are responsible for ensuring that the policy is appropriate to your needs. The University is not responsible in any way for assisting in the administration and performance of the contract of insurance. You are responsible for extending the cover to meet your specific needs.

More details on rent and arrears.

Flatmate disputes

From time to time, you and your flatmates might not get along and arguments may happen.  This is likely due to not doing the dishes or continually playing loud music at inappropriate times.  If this happens, try talking to your flatmates explaining the problem.  Most people don't realise they are causing a problem and will be happy to resolve the issue. 

You may find you have a personality clash with a flatmate and you might have to agree to disagree!  You might not get on with each other so best to give each other space.  This is unfortunately a part of life and communal living!

If relationships in the flat are unbearable though and you are finding it difficult living in your flat, speak to your Accommodation Officer who may be able to help.  They can offer a mediation service, speak to your flatmates on your behalf or look to transfer you to another flat. Don't suffer in silence if you are not happy - speak to a friend, Resident Assistant or your Accommodation Officer.

Don't forget, we have a range of social activities and regular get togethers as part of our Residence Life programme so even if you don't get on with your flatmates, you can socialise and find other friends by keeping an eye out for activities that interest you and getting involved.

Terms of your tenancy

Our code of conduct sets out our expectations of you as a tenant and details the consequences of breaching these terms. This code forms part of your tenancy agreement.

You can read a Specimen Tenancy​ which is an exact copy of the tenancy you will sign. It details your rent commitments, tenancy dates and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. You should read this before you sign it! | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App