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  Accidents, Illness and Hazards


In the event of any illness or injury, contact a trained First Aider via the Control Room on ext 4444 (0131 455 4444).

Give the following information to the Controller:

  1. Location of the injured or ill person (campus and room number).
  2. Details of any injury or illness (e.g.  faint, chest pain, broken bone).
  3. Extension number from which the call is being made and name of caller. 

Person making the request must remain with the patient until assistance arrives.

All injuries, no matter how trivial, and dangerous occurrences must be reported on the official accident form and sent to the University Health and Safety Team. Accident forms should be available in every School and at reception areas.


If you discover a hazard or a potential hazard to the health and safety of yourself or others, you should immediately inform a member of staff. ​​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App