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Edinburgh Napier University is committed to developing enterprising confident graduates.

​Confident Futures workshops are designed by a team of industry-recognised, professional consultants, to develop a wide range of skills, attributes and attitudes that will enhance your chances of being successful in your studies, work and life. The programme is unique within Higher Education, developing skills that are highly prized by professional accreditation bodies.

In 2014/15 there were over 7000 student attendances at workshops and 63% provided feedback. This showed 97% found the workshops to be enjoyable and beneficial, and 92% felt the workshops improved confidence, would help them in their course and support them to be more effective in the workplace.

Academic staff gave very high levels of positive feedback:

  • "Improvements in grade marks have been observed over the 3 years this workshop has been embedded into the course. Average Mark this year for group work component is 59.2% up from 56.9% in 2010-11. 3rd year in a row there has been an improvement in grade."

    Lecturer in School of Life, Sport and Social Sciences

  • "The standard was higher than last year for the 2nd year Technical Architecture PDP module and … very pleased with the results. 92% pass with 33% merit."

    Lecturer in School of Engineering and Built Environment

  • "It’s wonderful! Really brilliant workshop. Thank you! And the proposals are in – and wow – a definite dramatic improvement in caliber from previous years. Most of the proposals show that real time and thought has been put into each stage. In particular, the projects are far more specific, generally better researched, and far clearer. Thank you!"

    Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Creative Industries

  • "We are very supportive of the Confident Futures initiative and believe that it has brought about real benefits for our students (both face-to-face and online)."

    Lecturer, School of Management

  • "The workshop was tailored specifically for the module and the work that the students were doing for their assessment. Because of this, the students understood what was being asked of them and why, and they could clearly see the benefit. The Confident Futures team's ability to tailor their workshops is extremely beneficial and much appreciated."

    Lecturer in School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care


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