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ENSA Advice (formerly 'ISAS')
Problems on Course?

We aim to ensure all students have a positive experience on their course, but sometimes course progression does not run smoothly and you may experience problems as a class or as an individual student. If you do have problems, academic or personal, and want to discuss them with someone who knows how things work at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) but is independent of the university, contact ENSA Advice for an appointment. There is an adviser on each site offering confidential one-to-one advice and support to students – and they won’t discuss your case outside the service unless you give your permission for this to happen.
Been ill or had problems at home that will prevent you from sitting an exam, submitting work, or preparing properly for an assessment? If so, act now, telling your PDT or tutor about them is not enough! Contact ENSA for help with the new Fit to Sit regulations which include deferring an assessment, putting in a retrospective extenuating circumstances if possible, and academic appeals’’. The deadline are very important so do not delay.
Been subject to allegations of plagiarism, cheating, collusion, misconduct or being “unfit to practice”?  If you face a Disciplinary Investigation or Hearing, get support from ENSA Advice. Such allegations may have serious implications for you, so take them seriously. The same goes if you want to make an official complaint against the University.

For an appointment contact ENSA Advice on 0131  229 8791.​​​
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