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  ENSA Advice - Welfare

ENSA Advice (formerly 'ISAS')
Being a student can bring unfamiliar challenges in terms of managing your money, balancing university life with doing part-time work and maintaining a good social and family life. Sometimes it can be difficult to make financial ends meet, keep a roof over your head, hold down a job, keep on top of debt – and do your course.
Many students – over 1000 each year - need access to professional, accurate and up to date advice on their rights and responsibilities to be able to negotiate life as a student. ENSA Advice is an impartial service, set up to provide our students with professional advice and support. It is non-directive, up to date and tailored to the needs of our students. It is free of charge and offers students a one-to-one confidential service, meaning that your personal details will not be disclosed outside the service without unless you say so.
ENSA Advice provides information on funding, fees, tenancy rights, immigration and visas, benefit entitlement, consumer rights, restructuring debt. It can help you deal with external agencies, such as landlords, banks, utility companies, funding and loan agencies, as well as deal with different parts of the University who may not only act as your education provider, but as a service provider or a landlord.  

ENSA Advice can help you avoid problems and can be a really useful to access when things get tricky.

Don’t forget the number: 0131 229 8791 for an appointment, or
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