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  Diversity and Inclusion

At Napier Students Association we celebrate the diversity of the student population at Edinburgh Napier University. One of our key values is to cater for every student and provide them with opportunities to make the most of their time at Edinburgh Napier and encouraging every student to get involved and to have their voice heard. 

diversity.png​We do this through several channels:
  • Equality & diversity officer – on the NSA student executive we have a part time volunteer role dedicated to ensuring Napier students have their voice heard and issues addressed.

  • Wagon wheel’ as part of the NSA constitution we have created a wheel highlighting the different interest groups showing the diverse range of students. Each piece of the wheel has its own forum hosted by E&D officer who feeds back to NSA executive. 

  • Events – throughout the year we put on events that appeal to all sections of the ‘wagon wheel’ from celebrations at Chinese New year to a Christmas Carol service before the Winter break. 

  • Campaigns – We run a number of campaigns to raise awareness of groups to the benefit of the student body. An example of this would be in 2013/14 session NSA campaigned for a gender neutral toilet on each campus which was successful. 
If you would like to find out more about how the NSA supports diversity and inclusion please get in touch -​. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App