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  Student Executive

The Student Executive acts collectively as the democratic leadership of students on campus. It is made up of 11 Edinburgh Napier students, who are elected for a year of office by Edinburgh Napier Students to represent and take things forward for Edinburgh Napier Students.
The Student Executive acts as the student voice on campus and its voice gets heard in senior forums throughout the university and in the wider community. The Executive exists to listen to what students want and improve the quality of the ENU student experience – academically, in relation to the wider support and facilities, and to create more and better opportunities for students to achieve their potential. 

There are 3 full time paid student leaders, the President and 2 Vice Presidents – one for Sports and Societies and the other for Representatives and Volunteers – who work full time for NSA for a year (pictured right). 

Find out more about your Sabbatical Officers:

There are also part time Executive members who volunteer while continuing on their programme of study:

 2 Campus Officers for each campus who deal with issues such as academic affairs, student well-being and facilities.

– The Equality & Diversity Officer to ensure that NSA and the University engages with and listens to students with different needs: different ages, modes of study, ethnic and religious backgrounds, sexuality and disability.

–​ The Activities Officer to support events and campaigns. 

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