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Join an ENSA Sports club or ENSA Society and become part of Team Napier.​
Getting involved with ENSA Sports and Societies and becoming a part of 'Team Napier' is an amazing way of making new friends, developing your skills and maximising​ your student experience. The friendships you make through clubs and societies can last a lifetime and potentially even help you get a graduate job at the end of your studies! 

We are currently the top modern university in Scotland for sport and have a wide array of clubs. They're a great way to keep your fitness levels up, get healthy and have fun with sport. Many of our teams compete in the BUCS leagues and cups against other Universities from across the UK, however you can also play recreationally.

These bring together students who have activities, ideas and interests in common, regardless of campus or course. They can be a great way to gain some volunteering experience (good stuff for your CV). We're always trying to get more societies involved, so if you have an idea for a new society, get in touch!

Remember you can find out more about ENSA Sports and ENSA Societies at​ and for more info you can contact​. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App