Global Cyber Incident Response

We will be shutting down some of our systems over the winter break to protect our platforms from a global cyber security threat that is affecting companies, businesses, and universities around the world.This short-term preventative measure will protect our systems from hacking attempts and allow our Information Services team to install new defences.

Abstract image of software on a screen

Affected services

To see which services are expected to be available and which will be unavailable, please visit the links below. You will need to log in to your University account to open these links.

List of services expected to be available List of services unavailable from 22 December 2021 until 5 January 2022

Further information and support

We hope this short period of disruption to some services does not cause much inconvenience and remember that you can contact the IS Service Desk for technical support.

For more information on this incident, please visit our news section.