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Information Services Customer Thermometer

Survey Tool

Following a successful trial, Information Services are delighted to announce the launch of the Customer Thermometer.
This simple feedback tool has been developed as part of Information Services’ commitment to Customer Service.
Unlike traditional multiple choice surveys, Customer Thermometer gathers feedback with the single click of a button.
The instant ‘temperature’ reading will allow us to  quickly measure user satisfaction and pinpoint where we excel and what we could improve.

How does it work?

To gather feedback we will contact random customers from across the University who have been assisted by the IS Service Desk or have received assistance from the local campus team to resolve an issue.
Your first name will be included in the greeting, and a short description of the issue on which you’ve received assistance will be in the body of the email.
A sample of the email that customers will receive can be found below:
Customer Thermometer
Simply click on the relevant icon to submit your feedback.

If you receive an email from Customer Thermometer on our behalf, we hope you will participate!

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