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​Some Security News that may be of interest:

Information Security News (March 2020)

Universities being hit by millions of email attacks 

Spam, malware and phishing attacks are rampant. According to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request made by The Parliament Street Think Tank, universities in the UK successfully blocked millions of cyberattacks last year.

The inquiry uncovered, for example, that The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine was hit with 6,386,868 email attacks last year alone.

The attacks included a “variety of sophisticated emails”, including phishing (98,928) and malware assaults (73,598), as well as 1,725,262 "tagged attacks" and more than 10 million spam messages.

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ZOOM: Video chat Used by Boris Johnson for cabinet meetings and offices across the world dropped by Ministry of Defence over security concerns

The Ministry of Defence is reportedly discouraging use of the video chat app Zoom over concerns about its security.

The ban comes as Boris Johnson uses the app to run cabinet meetings and offices across the country rely on it to bring together virtual meetings.

Security experts have expressed concern that sensitive information could be compromised by the use of the app, which is built by a private company based in the US.

Zoom was hit by security concerns last year when it emerged that a major vulnerability in its app allowed people to be spied on through their webcam. Experts at the time criticised the company for being slow to close that security hole, which allowed users on Macs to be watched through their webcam.

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