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  Adobe Creative Cloud

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​Adobe Creative Cloud

In response to comments and feedback from students and academic staff, the latest version of the core teaching applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) software suite is available to all students on University PCs and Macs in selected Computer Suites, including certain clusters within the JKCC.

This provides a consistent experience across the University with the Adobe CC applications being more inclusive and accessible to all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Use the askNapier search box on the right to search our Knowledge Base or click on a link below:

What Adobe CC applications are available?

Where can I access Adobe CC?

How do I access Adobe CC on campus?

Is Adobe CC available in specialist labs?

Can I access Adobe CC from home?

Where can I find further help using Adobe CC?


Known Issues

To date we have identified 2 minor issues which we would like to make you aware of:

Cloud imageGraphics
Several of the Adobe applications are extremely graphics intensive, therefore some functionality doesn’t perform as well on standard machines as in the specialist labs.

Ray Tracing
Some users have reported an error when using Ray Tracing (a function within the After Effects CC application in the Adobe suite).  Ray Tracing requires very high performance and specific graphics cards to operate correctly.

Neither of the issues stops the product from being used however please give us feedback via the IS Service Desk if you experience any further problems. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App