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  Data Storage

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Saving Files and Data Storage


You have been allocated 500MB of personal storage space on the Edinburgh Napier University network.   This space is called your personal data area or H drive. 
You also have access to 1TB of personal storage via your Office 365 OneDrive for Business account.
The IS Service Desk recommend that you save important University files to your personal data area (H drive) and your OneDrive for Business account can be used for personal storage.

Your Personal Data Area (H Drive)

We recommend that you always save important University files to your Personal Data Area (H drive):
  • It provides secure data storage
  • It is backed up regularly
  • It can only be accessed by you (as long as you do not share your login details!)
DataTo save to your H drive on campus:  Go through the same process you would use when saving to another drive but select H drive from the Save In drop down menu.
To access files saved to your H drive on campus: Click Start and select My Computer. Your H drive will be listed along with other drives such as the C drive.
Please note, certain applications will not launch unless there is space available in your H Drive. 

Remote Access to your H drive

 Cloud Storage
You can access your Personal Data Area (H drive) out with the University using the Virtual Desktop Service.

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