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  Erasmus+ Partners

Information on current Erasmus+ partners.

This is a list of our current Erasmus+ partne​rs​​​​, which shows where you can go on exchange in Europe. It is organised by country, then institution, and specifies which programme areas are relevant. 

You will need to check whether your chosen university offers modules that are compatible with your course. You can find a link to the module catalogue for each institution within the factsheets in the Exchange Portfolio. 

If you have difficulty finding this information, please email for advice.    

You will normally need to take modules totaling a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester while abroad, unless you are doing the Living and Studying Abroad module before you go on exchange (eg Languages students). Your Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser can advise whether particular modules are suitable from an academic point of view.

Click here to find out about potential funding and approximate costs for your exchange. These are estimated in October 2019, and will vary according to host institution, city, country, and year of exchange. ​

Please note that the services offered to incoming exchange students vary from university to university. Certain institutions will offer you accommodation in student halls, a buddy scheme etc, while others will require you to be more independent. Visit the relevant university’s website to find out what they offer Erasmus students. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App