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  Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ exchange allows students to undertake a study or work placement in one of the EU countries. For some students this is a compulsory component of their degree programme and for others it is simply something they are keen to do.
Erasmus+ exchange is a flagship programme of the European Union which allows students to undertake a study or work ​placement in one of the EU countries. Please read the University’s Erasmus Policy Statement​, access the full list of Erasmus+ study destinations​ and for information on receiving an Erasmus grant to undertake a European work placement/traineeship click here​​.​​

Who should I contact?

If you are a language student then contact Benedicte Cebrian on who will be able to advise you on possible study destinations and counsel you on your choices. If a foreign language is not a part of your degree then come along to a study abroad bookable appointment​ or contact the Global Mobility Team for further information, advice on possible study destinations and help with filling in the online application form.

Please note that no student is permitted to participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programme without the formal approval of their Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser. You should arrange a meeting with him/her at an early stage to discuss your plans including potential destinations and module choices abroad. They will need to approve your online application, and will consider the following when deciding whether to support you:

  • Your academic performance
  • Course compatibility and implications if you do not pass all modules
  • Whether you would be a good ambassador for Edinburgh Napier University
  • Attendance record
  • Your motivation for going on exchange, i.e. whether you have researched online, discussed with family, friends, and previous exchange students, and thought things through

How much does it cost?

Start filling your piggybank early and make sure you are prepared for your time abroad. Fi​nd out how much studying abroad is going to cost​.

How does it work?

The credits and grades earned while you abroad are converted to Edinburgh Napier equivalents on your return from exchange.  If you are in third year, some of these grades may count towards your final degree classification.

Erasmus+ Exchange 2019/20 – Documentation

Below is a list of documents relevant to students going on Erasmus+ exchange:

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