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  Overseas Exchange Programmes

If you are keen to study further afield then one of our non-European partner institutions may be just right for you!

Edinburgh Napier University has links in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Depending on the subject of your studies you may be able to study either through a Direct Partner Institution or the ISEP Programme.

Overseas Direct Partner Exchanges

These are offered in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and in the USA. See our list of overseas partner institutions​​ for details.

Students who are selected for an overseas placement following their online application will need to submit a further application directly to their allocated institution at a later date.
Direct Partner Exchanges are based on inter-institutional agreements with a capped number of exchange places.  In some cases the agreement is for a specific subject area, but in others the agreement is university-wide and students from any subject area may apply.  It is your responsibility to check whether your chosen university offers modules that are compatible with your course, and to obtain Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser approval for these.
Services offered to incoming exchange students at our Direct Partner institutions vary from university to university. Certain institutions will offer you accommodation in student halls, a buddy scheme etc. others will require you to be more independent. See the Exchange Portfolio and visit each university’s website for further information. 

Overseas ISEP Exchanges                                                                      

Students wishing to study overseas may alternatively apply through ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs). ISEP Exchange offers opportunities for most students, regardless of their degree programme, with a choice of over 200 institutions in the USA and across the world. You will need to ensure that your chosen institution offers appropriate modules, and that these are approved by your Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser.

Students who are selected for an ISEP placement on the basis of their online application will need to submit a further application to ISEP at a later date.  On this you may list up to 10 choices of university and ISEP will do their best to place you at one of these.

Please read this guide for help with identifying potential destinations for your subject area through ISEP.​ 

How does it work?

The total number of credits you will be required to earn while you are abroad depends on the country and institution where you will be studying.  See Credit Requirements for Study Exchanges for more information. The credits and grades earned while abroad are converted to Edinburgh Napier equivalents on your return from exchange.  If you are in third year, some of these grades may count towards your final degree classification

Who should I contact?

Come along to a Study Abroad One-to-One Appointment or contact the Global Mobility Team for further information, advice on possible study destinations and help with filling in the online application form.

No student is permitted to participate in an exchange programme unless they have the approval of their Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser.  You should arrange a meeting with him/her at an early stage to discuss your plans including potential destinations and module choices abroad. They will need to approve your online application, and will consider the following when deciding whether to support you:

  • Your academic performance
  • Course compatibility and implications if you do not pass all modules
  • Whether you would be a good ambassador for Edinburgh Napier University
  • Attendance record
  • Your motivation for going on exchange, i.e. whether you have researched online, discussed with family, friends, and previous exchange students and thought things through

How much does it cost?

You will need to start saving in good time and make sure you are prepared for your time abroad. Click here to find out about potential funding and approximate costs for your exchange, These are estimated costs at October 2019, and will vary according to host institution, city, country, and year of exchange. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App