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  Overseas Partners

Information about our overseas partners.

This is a list of our current Overseas partner institutions​​. This is organised by country, then institution, and specifies which programme areas are relevant. 

How much will it cost to go on a student exchange?

Click here to find out an approximate cost for your exchange, These are estimated costs from October 2018, and will vary according to host institution, city, country, and year of exchange.

Where it states “Any” for subject area, this is a university-wide agreement and not subject specific, so may be open to any student.  However you will need to check that appropriate modules are available, and that they are approved by your Programme Leader or Study Abroad Adviser. 

If you cannot find an exchange option for your subject area then please contact the ​Global Mobility​ team at and your Programme Leader.

We cannot guarantee that all requests will be met but more interest does increase the chance of a new exchange link being established.

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