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  Study Abroad Application

Want to study abroad? Read through the information and fill in the application.

When can I apply?

The application round for 2019/20 exchanges is now closed.
Edinburgh Napier’s main application deadline is 13 December for all semester or year-long exchanges taking place the following academic year.
​However, each year in April the Global Mobility Team advertise the unallocated spaces, or those which have become available since the initial allocations were made. The spaces available through ‘Exchange Clearing’ are for trimester 2 of 2019/20 only. If you wish to apply through Exchange Clearing then please revisit this page in April 2019.

Students wishing to study abroad during academic year 2020/21 should visit this page in October 2019 and apply by 13 December 2019. 

What is the application process?

There are two stages to applying: 

1. Online Study Abroad Application, i.e. internal Edinburgh Napier form (see below)
2. Direct application to the allocated host university.

These two stages may be up to 10 months apart depending on the start date of your exchange.

The main deadline for the first application is 13 December but may be earlier for some programmes - check with your Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser.

​The application deadline to your allocated university is set by your host institution and will depend on when you intend to start your exchange (semester1/full year or semester 2). You will be advised of the deadline via email by the Global Mobility team or your host university.


Do I need to do anything before completing the
Study Abroad Application?

Do your research on destinations, modules and costs. MyNapier ‘Exchange’ pages and the Exchange Portfolio are a good place to start
  • Familiarise yourself with the OutgoingStudents Policy and Procedure​ 
  • Book and attend one of the weekly Exchange Appointments If you wish to study at a different destination in each semester, you can list up to six destinations in total (three per semester),
  • Arrange a meeting with your Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser to discuss the academic side of your exchange
  • Speak to your funding body (if relevant) about any implications of going on exchange
  • Speak with your family about your plans
  • Make use of opportunities to meet former exchange students
Email if you have any additional questions.

Tell me more about the Study Abroad Application

The form can be saved at any time – you do not need to complete it in one go. Make sure you read the important tips, marked with a blue ‘i’!

When completing the form you will need to:
  • State your preferred semester(s) abroad (April/May applicants, please note that only semester 2 is available to you)
  • Select up to three exchange destinations in order of preference. If you wish to study at a different destination in each semester, you can list up to six destinations in total (three per semester)     
  • State what modules you would normally take at Edinburgh Napier
  • Propose equivalent modules abroad bearing in mind the required number of credits for each destination. (You should have discussed this with your Programme Leader/ Academic Study Abroad Adviser in advance to ensure an appropriate academic match with your Edinburgh Napier modules)
  • Give an estimated budget in £ sterling for the duration of your exchange
  • Let us know about any circumstances which could affect your exchange, e.g. medical conditions, disability, lack of prior experience of living independently/travelling abroad

After you click ‘submit’ your application will automatically go to your Programme Leader or Academic Study Abroad Adviser (PL/ASAA) and you will receive an email with their contact details. At this point you will no longer be able to make any changes to the form. If the PL/ASAA approves your application, you will receive a notification that the form has been forwarded to the Global Mobility Team for consideration. If the application is not approved at this stage, you will receive an email asking you to make any changes and resubmit the form (if appropriate).  

How are exchange places allocated?

Decision on the allocation of exchange places is made by the Global Mobility Team in conjunction with relevant academic staff. The following selection criteria will apply:
  • Academic performance (main criterion)
  • Evidence of research into the selected destinations (modules, semester dates, institutional profile, motivation for each choice)
  • Attendance record
  • Evidence of realistic financial expectations for the exchange
For very popular destinations we may only be able to offer single semester exchanges, not full year, to allow the maximum number of students to benefit.

When will I find out what my exchange destination is?

​The Global Mobility Team will contact you regarding the outcome of your application between January and March. If there are any queries about your application, we will contact you on your university email address.  Applicants with early exchange start dates will be contacted first.  If successful, at this stage you will be given the name of the institution to which you will be nominated, but your place there is not guaranteed until you have completed their own application form.  You will be advised when you need to do this.  

What happens next?

Please check your university email address regularly for a message telling you about next steps. We will prioritise working with students with the most imminent exchange start dates, and will let you know about the deadline for applying to your host university.  We will also invite you to a compulsory ‘Get Ready to Go’ (pre-departure briefing) which will be taking place in March/April 2019 for Semester 1/full year exchanges, and November 2019 for Semester 2 exchanges. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App