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  In-Session Support

Help with English for Edinburgh Napier University International Students

In-Session Support is free. It is for students who have English as their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (etc.) language, and for students who have English as their 1st language but are from a different educational system to the UK. It aims to help with Academic English and thereby help students become more familiar with the expectations of the UK system. 

Are you a student for whom English is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th language, or are you from a different system to the UK?

Help with English for study timetable 25 May - 14 August

To book a 30-minute One-to-One Help Session, please e-mail the In-sessional Support Tutors in advance.  Give details of the day, date, time and campus for your appointment. 

Sessions will take place on Webex.

Sign up to the In-Session Support Module on Moodle. This enables you to enrol yourself and access information about the In-Session Support Writing Workshops, Discussion and Presentation Workshops, Writing Workshop Model Writings (so you can see examples of writings), the timetable for the Workshops, details about them and Useful Links.

Also remember - you can take English for Professional Purposes (EPP) as a module as well (undergraduate students only).

If you would like more information about this,  please email Leo Woods at
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