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  International Bulletin

This is the International Bulletin page and will provide you with information on any immigration changes that you should be aware of, details of any events that we think may be useful, interesting or fun events and any other information that will be of use to you.

We want this page to be as much about you as it is about us giving information to our students.

In each update we will have an “out and about” section where we will publish interesting photos of where you have been, it can be of you or you and your friends, landscape, buildings or anything else you may think is worth adding to the bulletin.  Of course, please make sure it is publishable!

If you have any interesting stories or articles you would like published that will be of interest to other International students then please let us know.

Lastly, if you have any success stories then we would like to hear from you. Don’t be shy in sharing it with the wider student community!​

Visa and International Support Team

Who are the VIS team?

Louise McClure Head of Visa and International Support.  

Cat Morrison – Cat has also been working with Edinburgh Napier University in a support capacity for 12 years and has a wealth of experience which she uses to help and support our International students in whatever they are doing.  Cat comes from Lewis which is an Island situated in the north west corner of the group of Islands known as the Hebrides, or Western Isles, she will tell you that it is the greatest place on earth!

Peter Scott – Pete has been working with International students since 200.  He loves working with International students and feels strongly about helping them get the most out of their stay in Scotland.  Pete has a Japanese wife, his Sister lives in New Zealand and therefore has a Kiwi brother in law and a Japanese sister in law; his is a truly international family. 

Maxine Cramb – Maxine supports the compliance side of our International operations and keeps everyone right when it comes to being on the right side of the immigration rules.  While Maxine loves her job she wouldn’t say no if she could move to the other side of the world as she does love the sun as do we all!

Weekly Drop-ins & Appointments

Don’t forget, Cat and Pete offer weekly drop-ins at both Merchiston and Craiglockhart campuses, please click here for more details. They also are happy to see students outside of these times if classes or other commitments prevent you from attending. 

Contact us at​  

Immigration News

Reminder of Immigration Rules from April 2016 & Statement of Changes from November 2016

The changes most likely to affect you are:

  • Time limits or ‘caps’ on study will consider time and level of course originally given rather than actual time spent studying
  • Tier 4 (General) students will be prohibited from engaging in ‘business activity’.  This is intended to stop Tier 4 students from setting up businesses in the UK

  • You will only be able to change course at the same institution if:
  1. You haven’t completed the course for which your CAS was assigned
  2. The new course is not at a lower level than your current course
  3. You are able to complete your new course within your current period of leave
  4. The course has to be related to your previous course 
  5. Your previous course and new course combined support your genuine career aspirations

  • Tier 2 salary threshold being increased to £25000
  • You are now able to extend your Tier 4 visa in the UK if you have resits to do or need extra time to complete, previously you would have to return home if an extension was required due to resits done earlier in your course; 
  • If you are applying to extend your visa and you have a dependent(s), new rules now state that you have to show maintenance for your dependent/s equivalent to the full duration of your visa which includes he extra 2 or 4 months, previously it was for each month of your course up to a maximum of 9 months.    

We would also remind you that we will be carrying out our Face to Face checks in March 2017.  Please keep an eye out for emails from Tier 4.  It is important you attend these checks, if you do not or cannot give a reason for not attending then the University will report you to the Home Office.

Is your visa expiring soon?

If your visa is going to expire in the next 12 weeks and you need to extend you should get in touch with International Support as soon as possible.  We can guide you through the process and advice on what the requirements are such as maintenance and whether you are eligible to extend in the UK. It is important to extend your visa before your expiry date. 

Working after Studies

If you intend to work after your studies there are two main options open to you; Tier 2 and Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship.  We can provide more advice and guidance on applying for these visa routes and check if you are eligible. 

Travel during studies

Remember, if you wish to travel during your studies you first have to ask permission from your school administrator if this is during term time and if it is 5 or more days, if they agree you can then contact International Support to ask for a letter to support your travel visa application.

News from around the World​

A language that dates back to Viking times is to be taught at a nursery school in Sweden.  Elfdalian will be the only language spoken at the nursery and is thought to be the closest descendant of Old Norse which was spoken over a 1000 years ago.  

Meanwhile in China a city will be introducing a pilot scheme where the cities dog owners will have a license pre-loaded with 12 points.  Residents will lose points for breaking rules such as taking a dog into a public place such as a school or restaurant or failure to stop a dog behaving badly.  

In Tokyo a popular University has decided to offer rent subsidies to female students.  The hope is that offering up to £223 each month to go towards rent will help attract more female students and level out the gender gap.  One of the reasons is that parents have raised concerns about finding safe housing for their daughters, to help with this the University is looking to secure 100 apartments close to their campus. 

Lastly, in Thailand, Buddhist monks are being put on a diet after a study suggested almost half of them are overweight.  There is now a drive to roll out a national programme designed at slimming down Thailand’s holy men.  One of the reasons for overweight monks is the sweet drinks and fatty foods that are donated to the monks.    

Student Success Stories

For future editions of this bulletin, if you have any success stories or achievements you would like to share with other International students then please contact international support, we will review any items we receive and see if we can share them. 

Monthly Spotlight 

We thought it might be nice to share information on certain festivals throughout the year, while we realise there are a lot of individual religions within our International student population we cannot highlight all so please don’t feel offended if we do not include your faiths specific festival.  If however you feel it is worth highlighting then please do let us know. ​


Remember ENSA​​ are here to represent you, the student body.  Please check out their website for useful information and support. They have an advice team as well as societies such as the International Society. 

Out and About

If you have any photos from your travels during the month, shots taken in Edinburgh or just random photos you have taken and want to share them with the International community at Edinburgh Napier University then please sent them to We will shortly be looking at setting up other ways to share photos such as via facebook or our own webpage for the International Bulletin. ​

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