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  Friendship Programme

The Friendship Programme is designed to give international students a chance to have first-hand experience of the local culture and way of life, in addition to life on campus.

The Friendship Programme is designed to give international students a chance to have first-hand experience of the local culture and way of life, in addition to life on campus. At the same time, those signing up to be “Friends” with students will get an opportunity to learn about the students' home countries and cultures. The idea is to spend time together, doing things that are mutually interesting and enjoyable, and get to know each other. Activities could involve: dinner at home, holiday celebrations such as pumpkin carving for Halloween, Burns Supper and Christmas activities and attending local events.  Friends will be staff members of the University. 

Friends and students will exchange contact information and can then contact one another independently. It is up to you to decide how often you meet and how you will spend your time together. Friends will have the chance to help you to adapt to new circumstances and thus make your study period abroad easier and more enjoyable. 

​For more details email or apply here​.


Who is the programme for?

​The programme is for international students and staff at Edinburgh Napier University. Staff engaging with the programme will be referred to as “Friends”.  Friendship will range between large families with children, single parents, young couples, retirees and singles. There is no age barrier and we welcome anyone who is interested to participate.

As a student, why should I join the programme?

​A Friend can serve as a really valuable connection point, and resource for you throughout your time at Edinburgh Napier. They help introduce you to your new surroundings and culture. It also offers a great opportunity for cultural exchange where you can share your own culture and background about life in your home country.

What do students and Friends do ​together?

Activities can be anything that is agreeable for example dinners at home,  meeting for a coffee, going for a walk, going to the theatre or attending local events. The activities can be discussed and decided between the student and their friend according to their interests.

What is expected of students?

It is hoped that students will communicate with their friends, for example returning phone calls, text messages and emails. Students should be mindful that members of the programme have dedicated time to get to know their student and that this is a volunteer program. Staff Friends are not reimbursed for any expenses that may be incurred and it is appropriate for students to offer to pay for themselves, and highly encouraged to always thank Friends for their generosity and kindness.

What is not expected of students?

You will not be expected to work for  your Friend or take part in any activity or event that you do not wish to do.

How are Friends and students matched?

We consider preferences and interests expressed in the application from both parties and match Friends to students accordingly. We also take into account preferences regarding Friends with/without children or pets, smokers vs. non-smokers, and anything else you'd like us to take into account. Please note this in your application.

What if I have concerns or the situation is not working out?

Both students and Friends have the right to leave the programme at any time by contacting​​

If any problems occur, the Friends and the students are requested to contact​ immediately.

The International Friendship Programme was an initiative established and piloted by the DLTE and ELIR Teams under the Enhancement Theme project.​​​

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