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  Curtailment Of Tier 4 Student Leave

Information on why the Home Office would curtail (cut short) your Tier 4 Student visa.

There are various reasons why the Home Office would curtail (cut short) your Tier 4 Student visa.

The university will advise the Home Office of the following situations:

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  • You have been withdrawn from your course due to lack of engagement
  • You are deferring, postponing or taking a break from your studies of more than 60 days
  • You are withdrawing from your course
  • You are changing your course
  • You are changing institution or
  • The university suspects you of breaking the conditions of your immigration permission

If the university reports any of the above to the Home Office, you Tier 4 visa permission may be cancelled, but not with immediate effect.  If you have more than 60 days immigration permission left, then this will be reduced to 60 days.  If you have less than 60 days immigration permission left, then it is likely that the length of your leave will be left as it is.

If the university informs the Home Office that you have completed your course early, then your immigration permission is likely to be curtailed.  The Home Office Tier 4 policy guidance states that, if you have successfully completed your course, your current leave should be curtailed but that you should still receive the same wrap-up period of leave after your completion date (so for example, if you were granted an additional 4 months leave on your current visa you should still get these 4 months). 

At the end of the curtailed period you must either depart from the UK or apply for further leave to remain. Following the expiry of the curtailment period, if no application has been made your leave will lapse.

Where you have had your leave curtailed, including as a result of completing your studies early, you are then subject to the rules around curtailment.  So despite a period of leave equivalent to the wrap-up period being awarded, if you leave the Common Travel Area (or are overseas at the time of curtailment), any remaining leave lapses. This means that if you leave the UK but wish to return, for example to attend your graduation ceremony, you will be refused leave to enter unless you have sought an alternative means of entry (such as a visit or short-term study visa depending on your circumstances).

How will I know if my visa has been curtailed?

The Home Office will normally notify you by email if your visa has been curtailed and will also send a letter if they hold a UK address for you.  This notification will advise you of your new visa expiry date.  We would advise you that due to the risk of not receiving this, you should leave the UK as soon as possible after the university advising you that we have reported your situation to the Home Office.

Contact details

It is important that you keep the Home Office updated of your contact details.  Please note that if you do not receive the communication because your details are incorrect then the curtailment date as stated by the Home Office will still stand and you could be at risk of being an overstayer. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App