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Epurchasing is currently closed.
The epurchasing scheme makes new ebooks available in LibrarySearch for a limited time.  
You can use the extra ebooks for study or research during this time, and your usage will choose which ones are automatically purchased for future use. We’re responding to student feedback, and trying to make it easier for you to get access to the books you want.  In 2015/16, the scheme had 351 rentals and 126 new ebooks purchased. ​

Epurchasing is now finished for 2017/18:

​​​​Red dotSchool of Applied Sciences - CLOSED
Red dotBusiness School - CLOSED
School of Arts & Creative Industries - CLOSED
School of Computing - CLOSED
School of Engineering & the Built Environment - CLOSED
School of Health & Social Care - CLOSED
red dotASPEN - Education - CLOSED 


How does it work? 

The extra ebooks will be available when you use LibrarySearch​
These ebooks are not owned by Edinburgh Napier University, but you can use them while epurchasing is open. The ebooks which are read most often will be automatically purchased and will remain available to all students and staff.

What happens when I am using the ebook? 

If you find one of the epurchasing books in LibrarySearch, you will see the Preview button below.
  Preview button.JPG
When you choose Preview, you will get 5 minutes/50 pages access. At the end of the preview time, you will see a pop-up saying Page limit reached. Click OK and Request access (as below) to keep using the ebook. 
This will give you access to the ebook for a week. You may wish to note the citation details for future reference.
Note: This service runs for a limited amount of time and money. The majority of the Library budget will continue to be allocated based on balancing the needs of different modules, teaching and research. 

Requesting other books

We are always happy to receive suggestions for new books.
See Can't find the book you want?

Questions and feedback


Ask at any Library helpdesk or email
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