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Box of Broadcasts (BoB) 


Bo​x of Broadcasts (BoB) gives staff and students at educational institutions access to TV and radio recordings for educational purposes. 

BoB allows you to: ​BOBnationalsml.png

  • ​View TV and radio programmes from the BBC going back to 2007.
  • Choose and record any upcoming broadcast programme from 65+ TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are then kept indefinitely, with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions.
  • Record missed programmes from a 30 day buffer.
  • Edit programmes into clips, create playlists, link to clips from Moodle, easily create one-click citations.

 How do I get started?


BoB is available at Learning on Screen or via the LibrarySearch A-Z Database list 

See BoB short video tutorials​ and frequently asked questions​.

NOTE: BoB is only for use within the UK.

Content not available on BoB


The Library also holds a large collection of programmes that were recorded prior to 2014. This includes recordings of documentaries, current affairs programmes and feature films, which may be available on the Online Video Service​, on DVD, CD or video.   


More information


Please read the Using TV Recordings - Guide for Students for more information on the service.

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