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  Request and Renew Books

Request a book

If a book is on the shelf you can simply go and get the book yourself and borrow it. However, if it is out on loan, you can place a request to have it held for you next. You can also place a request if the item is at another campus library, and it will be transferred to the library of your choice for you to collect.

To place a request, use LibrarySearch:
  • Sign In (click on Not Signed In at the top right and click 'Sign In'). Use your University login details. 
  • Search for the item you want, and click on the link underneath. e.g. 'Currently unavailable; Check here for details.'

  • Click Request and use Pickup Location to choose the campus library you want to collect it from (e.g. Craiglockhart, Merchiston or Sighthill). Click Request.

An email will be sent to your Edinburgh Napier email account when the item is ready for you to collect at the library.


Renew books


Most of our book and other loans are now dynamic which means they will be automatically renewed up to a maximum of 4 months unless recalled (known as the Intelligent Loan). If an item on loan to you is requested by another user we will recall it by sending you an email asking you to return it within 7 days or by the due date if less than 7 days. 

You can check the items you have on loan and due dates using the My Library Card section of LibrarySearch.

You can still renew loans yourself:

• Online

     Sign in to LibrarySearch​ (click on 'Not Signed In' or your name at the top right, then  'My Library Card'). 
      You will see the items you have on loan. 
      Click on a single item to just renew one or Renew All. 

• On the self-service kiosks.

Remember that renewals are not always possible. If you have fines you will not be able to renew existing loans.

NOTE: You will only see 'Renew' next to an item for up to 4 months. After this time, you must return the book and re-issue it using a self-service kiosk or take it to a Library helpdesk to have it re-issued.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email: or telephone: 0131 455 3500.
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